If you’re looking to age like a fine wine, then investing in your skin is the way to go.

Filler, anti-wrinkle injections, LED treatments and microdermabrasion are fantastic cosmetic skin treatments. Choose one of these ‘tweakments’ a month and you’ll have a youthful glow year-round. However, in-between visits it’s vital you establish a skincare routine to maintain the glow and plumpness of your asset.

"Skinimalism at its finest"

Since the skin absorbs everything you put on it, you’ll want to ensure you’re only using a premium quality skincare regimen. Investing in a strong routine means you won’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror obsessing over your makeup. SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals is a high-performance skin treatment company offering concentrated and strategically formulated anti-ageing products. Formulated without the use of parabens, artificial colours, or fragrances, we at Illuminate Aesthetics recommend SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals to protect your asset.

The green and clean range has been on the market since 2002 and prides itself on providing full ingredient transparency, so you know what you put on your skin and understand what works. SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals’ goal is to help their customers achieve the maximum in skin health and anti-aging wellness by providing top quality, effective skincare solutions and ultimately raise the bar on what you should expect from a skincare company. 

Their anti-ageing products are super concentrated. You only need a minimal amount to achieve outstanding results, which adds additional value because they last longer than ordinary skin care products. Unlike other companies, SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals doesn’t leave your clean skin dry. They don’t remove your skin’s pH balance forcing you to lather your dry skin with a moisturiser that is more like a coating that doesn’t absorb into the skin. Chemicals and additives are not used in SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals. Instead, SIRCUIT Cosmeceutical uses Chirally corrected ingredients (ingredients that have been purified at the molecular level). This increases the level of communication, or bond, with the skin which helps improve the overall effectiveness of the products. 

SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals address the number one issue with people of all generations and ethnic groups: anti-aging and skin sensitivity concerns. At Illuminate Aesthetics, we believe in being transparent and giving honest advice to our clients. We also believe in tailoring our services to your needs and goals. We are partnering with SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals because we are aligned with their values and want the best possible results for our clients. SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals is available in the clinic and is an extraordinary skincare range that will leave you with beautiful, healthy skin.