Meet Chris | The face behind your cosmetic male filler injections

Introducing Chris, the talent behind your chiselled look. Here Chris gets personal about his role at Illuminate Aesthetics and his thoughts on male filler injections.

male filler

1. What inspired you to get into cosmetic injectables?

I’ve been privileged to watch my wife grow and develop into a high performing specialist nurse over the last five years.  In all honesty, it was never my intention to become an injector myself.  For the last 10 years as a Registered Nurse I have worked in leadership and management roles, the intention was to always work with Steph but mainly as a business manager and let her concentrate her time to 100% injecting. We soon realised that there was more value in my clinical experience and ability.  Then came the realisation that I wanted to normalise cosmetic injectables for men.  I wanted to offer a clinical space and service that would be more welcoming to the less fair sex.  That’s how MAN by Illuminate came about.

2. How much experience in the industry do you have?

As a cosmetic injector, 2 years. On the back of a 20-year career across multiple nursing specialities including emergency and intensive care.  Experience that has provided me with a sound understanding of health and well being with a strong focus on safety and quality.  I’d like to think it’s that level of experience that puts my clients at ease during male filler consultations.

3. What is your approach to cosmetic injectables?

What you see is what you get. I like to get treatments myself and I think self-care is important.  But there’s a limit – I won’t over treat.  Natural-looking treatments that accentuate features rather than trying to alter a look; now that’s my guiding principle.

4. What do you love most about being a cosmetic nurse?

I’ve got to be honest, I thought it was all a bit superficial before I started injecting, I thought it was about vanity.  It’s not.  It’s about self-confidence and feeling better about something that bothers you.  Like the young lady who comes in because she’s so self-conscious about showing her gums and all of her teeth when she smiles, so she doesn’t. Then after her lip filler treatment, she dances around the treatment room screaming with joy.  Or it’s the wife of a client who thanks you for giving her husband that youthful look back, and who knows maybe reignites a passion.  I had no idea these types of experiences would shape my passion for the job.

5. Why do you think more and more men are seeking cosmetic injectables?

I think a major barrier has been the bad press that the industry receives through various media.  However, men are now starting to realise that anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal therapies and dermal fillers, when undertaken by skilled practitioners can be natural looking and subtle.  Whether it’s to provide more masculine features or for positive aging, cosmetic male filler injectables can be tailored to suit the individual. Although my focus is more on male filler injections, I am very comfortable and experienced with female injectables.

6. What products are you currently using on your skin and what is your current skincare routine?

I’ve recently discovered Skin Better Science, it’s amazing.  Outside of that, I like to jump under the LED whenever I have a spare 20 minutes and try to get a Skin Pen session or PRP once a month.

7. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

It’s fairly simple really – family time, good food, staying fit and hanging with friends.

8. What treatment do you see becoming popular in the new year?

Amazing results for PRP in hair rejuvenation are being seen by more and more people and this treatment is definitely on the rise.  I also think that more and more younger men will gravitate to male filler treatments to achieve that natural chiselled masculine result.

9. What is one piece of skin care advice you wish all your clients followed?

Advice I wish someone would have given me.  It’s never too early to start a skin regime.  So get a skincare regime and stick to it.   

If you’re thinking about getting a few natural enhancements with some male filler injections contact us today to see how we can help you keep that youthful radiant glow.