Meet Steph | The face behind your lip filler and injectables

lip filler

Introducing Steph, the talent behind your perfected look. Here Steph gets personal about her role at Illuminate Aesthetics and her thoughts on cosmetic injectables such as lip filler.

1. What inspired you to get into cosmetic injectables?

I was 37 and only just then considering my first venture into botox for myself. I found the clinics I tried to approach a little intimidating and some of the images of the staff actually put me off a little with everyone looking so perfectly ‘done’. I wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable or even welcomed into the space. 

The thought came to me how lovely it would be to create a space where women of all backgrounds and appearances could feel comfortable.  I wanted to create a welcoming environment that was non-intimidating and inclusive.  Luckily I already had my Registered nurse certificate which made my dream come true much quicker! 

2. How much experience in the industry do you have?

I started my journey with Juvae in early 2017.  Since then I have worked very hard to keep my skills and knowledge current.  After my initial  training with Juvae I have been regularly attending conferences, workshops, training days and completing online courses.

3. What is your approach to cosmetic injectables?

Less is more!  I am a very cautious injector and find that I prefer to work with a client over time to build on our journey together rather than try to do it all at once.  I am all for the natural look and promote this with all my clients.  No duck lips here!

4. What do you love most about being a cosmetic nurse?

The positive impact I can have on my client’s self confidence.  There’s nothing better than seeing a face light up after the smallest of treatments. 

5. What is your favourite cosmetic injectable concern to treat and why?

For my clients I do love doing lip filler treatments as it really is instant gratification for all parties!  However, personally I love the lift cheek filler gives me.  Another treatment that I feel makes a huge impact but seems less common would be Chin filler – it truly can make such a difference in balancing out the face. 

6. What products are you currently using on your skin and what is your current skincare routine?

I use the Aspect Dr range.  I am really good with my day time routine – Cleanse, then my serums (Active C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B, Opti boost) then I use a moisturiser and SPF. Nighttime would be the same but swapping C for Exfol A plus.  (I have to admit to missing out on my nighttime routine on occasion). 

I try to use the new Lanazyme at home micro peel a couple of times a week, which I am finding such a great way to treat my skin between my professional treatments,  and then when we get time Chris and I stay behind in clinic and do a Skin Pen session.  I also try to get under the LED light as much as possible.  This is one of my favourite treatments. 

7. What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Spend time at home!  So boring I know but as a family we are super busy.  I just love to hang out at home with Chris, a beer and a book by my pool or sit with the kids and a cheese platter playing cards or a board game.  We also have pets who I just don’t get to see enough!

8. What treatment do you see becoming popular in the new year?

Body contouring! We currently offer JuvaSlim but watch this space for new treatment options for this with Illuminate Aesthetics in 2022.

9. What is one piece of skin care advice you wish all your clients followed?

My number one piece of advice for skin would be to invest in a decent skin care regimen – oh and get more sleep!!!

If you’re thinking about getting a few natural enhancements with some lip filler or other injectables contact us today to see how we can help you keep that youthful radiant glow.