No, they won’t notice. Even if they do, they’re not going to want to talk about how good you look. If you do tell them, they’ll rip right in, then quietly ask you on the side about where to go.

The truth is, taking pride in your appearance should not stigmatise anyone who cares about themselves. It can significantly boost your self esteem and confidence. It really is no different to spending money on hair products, clothing or skin care products.

Do you want them to? Then yes.

If you don’t, then no. We can personalise the treatment to get the look you are after.

So many, they just don’t talk about it.

Men…with wrinkles… who don’t want wrinkles.

While there are still people out there who are receiving too much anti wrinkle treatment (you know who you are Mr. Expressive), for most men the treatment appears completely natural.

Yes, as with all medications. When you book in your free consultation, we will discuss this thoroughly.