Christmas Gift Guide: 5 Cosmetic Treatments for Him

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and with it comes the perennial question – what’s a gift that will truly stand out? Forget ties or aftershave this year. Instead, let’s delve into something unique yet thoughtful.

How about gifting him an experience aimed at his aesthetic well-being? It might sound unusual, but a cosmetic treatment to gift him on Christmas, can be just the ticket!

With our versatile range of aesthetic treatments, we can guide you at MAN By Illuminate by helping you choose between innovative cosmetic treatments like jawline fillers and Laser Genesis – each tailored for different skin types and concerns.

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Cosmetic Treatments to Gift Him on Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to surprise him with something unique and thoughtful. And what could be more surprising than gifting innovative cosmetic treatments? If you’re searching for a special gift, here are five incredible options from MAN By Illuminate that can make his holiday season unforgettable.

1. Jawline Fillers

This year, help him redefine his look by gifting jawline fillers. Most Popular Skin treatment, these fillers improve facial structure creating an impressive appearance. They bring balance without drastic changes – like finding the perfect tree for your festive decor.

2. Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Who said only Santa should be jolly this Christmas? Let’s put some joy into your loved one’s life too. Anti-wrinkle injections can provide smoother skin akin to the smooth slide down the chimney Santa enjoys every year.

3. Bio-Remodelling

A bit like how carol singers harmonise beautifully, bio-remodelling works wonders for skin texture and elasticity – making it another fantastic beauty gift option this festive season.

4. Laser Genesis

If he’s been dealing with uneven skin tone or texture issues much like our battles against tangled fairy lights each December, then Laser Genesis could turn out to be just right. This non-invasive treatment targets complexion minus any downtime; so no missing out on holiday fun.

5. truBody® Contouring Treatment

Last but not least comes truBody®: let’s call it the ‘turkey roasting’ of the body contouring world. It helps achieve body goals without surgery or downtime, ensuring he can still join the Christmas cricket match post-treatment.

Key Takeaway: 

Spice up his Christmas with an unexpected gift from MAN By Illuminate’s range of innovative cosmetic treatments. Jawline fillers can redefine his look, anti-wrinkle injections promise smoother skin, bio-remodelling restores elasticity and Laser Genesis improves complexion. For body contouring, consider truBody® – no surgery or downtime involved.

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

Jawline Filler

When considering the perfect Christmas gift for him, why not think outside the box? A jawline filler treatment from MAN By Illuminate could be just what he needs to boost his confidence and enhance his natural features.

A strong, defined jawline is often associated with masculinity and attractiveness. However, as we age or due to genetic factors, some men may find their jawlines less sharp than they’d like them to be. That’s where our expert team of cosmetic nurses comes in.

The Jawline Filler Treatment

We use dermal fillers that are carefully injected into precise locations along the jawbone. These fillers work by adding volume and structure underneath the skin’s surface, creating a more chiselled appearance.

The jawline filler procedure is minimally invasive with little downtime required – making it an ideal surprise gift for busy individuals who still want to look their best during the holiday festivities!

Bespoke Treatments at MAN By Illuminate

At MAN By Illuminate, we understand that every individual is unique – hence our treatments are tailored specifically towards each client’s desired outcomes and facial structure. Our highly-qualified cosmetic nurses will conduct a thorough consultation before any procedure to ensure optimal results are achieved safely and effectively.

Why Choose Jawline Fillers?

  • Lasting Results: The effects of this treatment can last anywhere between 6 months up to two years depending on various factors such as metabolism rate or lifestyle habits.
  • Painless Procedure: We utilise numbing cream prior injection ensuring minimal discomfort during the process.
  • Natural Look: Our experienced professionals strive for natural-looking changes rather than drastic ones, maintaining the unique essence of each individual’s features.

This Christmas, gift him something truly special with jawline fillers from MAN By Illuminate.

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

Bio-Remodelling as a Christmas Gift for Him

Thinking about what to get him for Christmas? Why not consider the gift of smooth skin texture and tone with bio-remodelling? This innovative treatment, offered by MAN By Illuminate, is an ideal choice. It works wonders in restoring natural elasticity and firmness.

The Benefits of Bio-Remodelling Injections

If you’re after a thoughtful present that can bring joy to your loved one’s skincare journey, bio-remodelling ticks all boxes. 

Bio-remodelling is an innovative process aimed at restoring lost hyaluronic acid in the skin, promoting collagen production and boosting skin elasticity. It’s more than just a facial; it’s a comprehensive approach to skincare that addresses underlying issues leading to dullness, wrinkles or sagging.

This makes it perfect for those wanting to maintain their good looks without having plastic surgery or resorting to other extreme measures.

Not only will this be appreciated by your partner but also by his mates who might need encouragement towards male cosmetic treatments themselves.

A Thoughtful Festive Season Present Idea

Finding unique beauty gifts can be challenging during holiday shopping season – especially if he seems to have everything already.

Christmas comes once a year so why not make sure he remembers yours fondly every day when looking at himself in the mirror? After all there’s nothing better than giving a gift that keeps on giving.

So this Christmas, why not break the status quo and book him a bio-remodelling from MAN By Illuminate as your go-to beauty gift? Trust us, he’ll thank you for it.

Key Takeaway: 

Christmas gifting can be tricky, especially when he seems to have everything. This festive season, consider the unique gift of bio-remodelling from MAN By Illuminate. It’s a treatment that improves skin texture and stimulates natural collagen production for restored elasticity – no extreme measures required. Break the status quo this Christmas – give the gift that keeps on giving.

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

Laser Genesis as a Christmas Gift for Him

If the bloke in your life has been battling with uneven skin tone or texture, then Laser Genesis could be just the perfect gift this festive season. This non-invasive treatment can work on his complexion and produce great results with no downtime.

How Laser Genesis Works

The magic of Laser Genesis lies in its advanced technology. It gently heats up the dermis layer below the skin surface to stimulate collagen growth and help reduce redness and fine lines over time.

But how does it feel? Well, think of a warm shower on your face – that’s pretty much what it feels like during a Laser Genesis session at MAN By Illuminate. No discomfort or pain is involved, making it an ideal beauty gift for him this Christmas.

This game-changing procedure suits all skin types and takes around 30 minutes per session. He can easily fit this into his schedule, even if he’s occupied with work or hobbies.

Laser genesis doesn’t require any recovery time either – meaning he’ll be ready to show off his improved complexion right after each treatment.

A Thoughtful Beauty Gift That Stands Out

Surely you want to give something special that brings joy yet also practical for use? The solution is gifting him an experience instead of another gadget or accessory which might end up collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.

Apart from contributing towards healthier looking skin, you’re also giving him some ‘me-time’ where he gets pampered while taking care of himself; nothing beats self-care as one of the best holiday gifts ever.

So don’t hold back – surprise your loved one by breaking away from traditional presents like socks and ties this year. Instead, gift him a session of Laser Genesis from MAN By Illuminate for Christmas and help him kick-start the new year with radiant skin. He’ll thank you for it.

Key Takeaway: 

Consider gifting a Laser Genesis treatment this Christmas for the man in your life struggling with uneven skin tone. This non-invasive procedure, likened to a warm shower on the face, improves complexion without downtime. Besides promoting healthier skin, it’s an experience that offers him some cherished ‘me-time’. Ditch traditional gifts and help him greet the new year with radiant skin.

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

truBody® Contouring Treatment

Help him achieve his body goals with truBody®. This innovative treatment helps contour the body without any surgery or downtime.

The Science Behind TruBody

Understand how truBody® works to contour the body and why it makes a great gift this holiday season.

Australian men are increasingly open to cosmetic treatments and this trend is on the rise. Why? Because of ground-breaking solutions like truBody®. But what makes it tick?

truSculpt®: The Gift of Contouring Perfection

truSculpt®, an innovative body contouring procedure, uses radiofrequency technology to reduce fat cells in targeted areas. This non-invasive treatment offers minimal discomfort while delivering maximum results—making it an ideal Christmas surprise for your loved one who values both appearance and comfort.

truFlex®: The Gift of Toned Elegance

If he’s been yearning for more toned muscles without spending hours at the gym, then truFlex might just be the answer to her wishes this festive season! truFlex® utilises electromagnetic stimulation technology to strengthen, firm up and tone muscles in selected regions like abs or chest with no sweat involved!

Now imagine his surprise when he unwraps your thoughtful gift this festive season: A ticket to achieving his desired physique sans sweat sessions at the gym. Book his gift now!

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas

Anti-Wrinkle Injections For a Wrinkle-Free Christmas

At MAN By Illuminate, we specialise in offering cosmetic treatments that are designed to enhance natural beauty. One such treatment is our Anti-Wrinkle Injections – an ideal Christmas present for him.

A Gift That Goes Beyond Skin Deep

These Anti-Wrinkle injectables work by relaxing specific muscles in the face to soften lines and prevent new ones from forming. The result is smoother, fresher looking skin that can make him feel comfortable in his own skin.

The Science Behind Our Treatment

We use only premium quality products for our anti-wrinkle treatments which contain a purified protein that causes temporary muscle weakening. This results in reduced movement of those muscles leading to less visible wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

A Safe And Quick Procedure

In skilled hands like ours at MAN By Illuminate, these injectable procedures are safe with minimal discomfort involved during administration. The procedure typically takes 15-20 minutes making it convenient even for busy individuals.

Lasting Results Worth Celebrating

The effects of our anti-wrinkle injections usually last between three to four months initially but may extend up to six months with regular treatments over time. So this isn’t just a one-time holiday treat – it’s a gift whose benefits he’ll enjoy well into the New Year!

If you’re thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to gifting this year, book him the gift of anti-wrinkle injections from MAN By Illuminate. Let’s help him step into 2024 with a fresh face.

5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas


Gifting can be a daunting challenge, but with these 5 cosmetic treatments to gift him on Christmas, you’re armed and ready for the festive season.

The journey has been enlightening. We’ve delved into jawline fillers for a defined look, anti-wrinkle injections for smoother skin, bio-remodelling that helps restore elasticity and firmness, Laser Genesis as an answer to uneven skin tone or texture, and TruBody to help contour without surgery.

So remember: Innovative skincare isn’t just thoughtful; it brings joy in its unique way this holiday season. Book him a treatment from MAN By Illuminate and give him a jolly merry Christmas indeed!